Believe Spa Salon

MAY 23-25 Past life Regression through Hypnosis

Have you ever wondered if you have lived before? 
Need some direction in your life?
Want to know your life Purpose?
Just want to explore beyond the physical?

We have heard so often that the key to all we seek is within us. 

Patti Ceja Certified and Licensed Hypnotherapist and a Member of the International Medical Dental and Hypnotherapy Association. My specialty is Past life Regression. However, I also see clients that want to stop smoking, lose weight, reduce stress, increase performance, and more. I will be in the area for these dates only. 


$120.00 per session 

MARCH 29&30

WOULD YOU LIKE TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE? Chernobyl Disaster Yields Important Discoveries Exciting New Information That Can Enhance Your Energy and Health!

Join us at The Better Living Show at Portland Expo Center March 29-30, Sat-Sun 10-6. Sat 2:15 pm featured talk: “Keys to Living Well in A Wireless Age”

Friday March 28th 6:30PM Portland, Oregon Home of Sherri Sullivan 9038 SW 40th Ave

Sat 3:15 pm featured talk: “Keys to Living Well in A Wireless Age” At GIA Wellness, we believe wholeheartedly in a concept called "Inspired Wellness" - achieved through balance and joy in optimal health, personal development and financial security.

Our Purpose is to facilitate Inspired Wellness by enhancing the overall quality of life and well-being of people around the world. This purpose is represented both through the GIA Wellness business, as well as through our Roots and Wings Program, which enables children and young adults to experience truly inspired living.

Our Mission is to do three key things:  To offer life-changing wellness products and technologies that allows people to grow in their health and well-being.  To offer transformative experiences, resources, and training in personal growth, leadership and team to allow people to lead their best, most inspired life.  And to empower people with a significant business opportunity to create true financial freedom Our Vision, by authentically living our purpose and


Body Mind Spirit Celebration

The wonderful wisdom of us

You're invited to join a celebration at Believe Salon for a day of tasting whatever form of nurturing your body, mind and spirit would like.

There will be samplings of GIA Wellness water and nutrients, Access Bodywork , massage, aromatherapy, Aqua Chi detoxing foot baths, nutritional counseling, tarot cards, Art, Intuitive Healing and many more possibilities! How much ease, joy and information can you take in on one evening?


Many samplings will be for free and others will have a fee - it's totally up to you what you'd like to participate in. Also, there will be FREE give a ways for free products and/or sessions with the people involved. Live Music too!

We are also putting on a BBQ starting at 6:00.                 Please bring a side dish to participate with that - yum!

Saturday July 6th 2013 3:00 to 6:00

Please bring friends, all are welcome!

9034 SW 40th ave. Portland  OR. 97219

503-341-8013      503-245-5234